About the Artist

Brittany Zalovick

For as long as I've known, art has been a huge part of my life. From art contests in elementary and middle school to theatre and performance art in high school and beyond, I have always loved creating and expressing through art. I first started to dabble in creating and selling art on Etsy in 2012. My shop was called Useful Beauty and I planned to make items from repurposed and interesting materials. My first items were wallets made from duct tape :) Duct tape lead to adding items made from yarn and then jewelry and eventually my own paintings.


Over time, as I tried to find my "thing", I had a revelation about two years ago and realized that I could join my loves for crafting, painting and hopeless romanticism, add a little vintage flare and create beautiful and unique works on canvas. The culmination of these passions was the "Lyric Piece", as I came to call them. My first piece of Lyric Art was Billie Holiday, a beautiful woman who is representative of all of the things that I love most. I used her lyrics to create the piece and was so excited about the result. Over the next two years, I changed my business name to "Love Sweet Nightingale" and came to hone my Lyric Art until I had my first cohesive show. The show, displayed at Tsunami in Annapolis, was called "Lyrics Make Legends" and consisted of 12 pieces, each of a different legendary musician, created using the lyrics that made them famous. The reception by the community was amazing and I knew right then and there that I had found my niche, my specialty, my "thing"! 


My next series was called "Monologues Make Movie Stars" and consisted of 20 pieces, each of a different legendary movie star/character, created using the monologues and quotes from the corresponding film. This show displayed at both Metropolitan and at Tsunami in 2017. In the interim, I have delved into creating beautiful, custom commissions that include pieces of grandchildren created using special nursery rhymes, pets created using chosen songs, wedding photos created using first dance song lyrics and wedding vows and so much more.


The concept of Lyric Art has become SO much more than I ever thought possible. I am absolutely thrilled with the avenues to which I have been able to explore and expand. The overwhelming response and amazing amount of support I have received has been the driving force in the evolution of this project and I can't thank everyone involved enough for helping to lead me to this place. I can't wait to discover even more new possibilities and to see what the future holds for both Love Sweet Nightingale and Lyric Art and more importantly, I can't WAIT to share it with all of you <3 Thank you so much for reading and for all of your love and support.

She sure has come a long way and there's no telling where she'll go from here. Anything is possible with passion and love. 

First Lyric Piece 2015

Refined Style 2017